Prof. Dr. Stefan Biffl Seminar invitation - Stefan Biffl
Product-Focused Engineering, Process Analysis and Improvement
Fri 18th April 2014, 09:30
CVUT, FEL, Karlovo namesti 13, room KN:E-112


Product-focused process improvement aims at translating stakeholder value from products into better cost, quality, or schedule of software and systems engineering processes. Software improvement approaches contribute to a systematic appraisal of software and service processes for identifying candidate topics for improvement. This talk will raise the challenge of process improvement in engineering organizations in identifying and securing the mission-critical engineering know-how needed for successful product development. Based on experiences with software and systems engineering organizations we will discuss contributions and limitations of software improvement approaches to elicit stakeholder interests, to collect and integrate data from engineering teams and processes, in order to identify the most relevant candidates for capturing and sharing engineering know-how on best practices in the context of an organization.

Slides to download: on request (pavel.vrba [at] fel.cvut.cz)

Prof. Amro FaridSeminar - Amro Farid
Intelligent Enterprise Control of Future Electric Power Systems
Fri 15th November 2013, 11:00
CVUT, FEL, Karlovo namesti 13, room KN:E-112

Recently, the academic and industrial literature has coalesced around an enhanced vision of the electric power grid that is responsive, dynamic, adaptive and flexible.  As driven by a need for greater environmental sustainability, high reliability and cost-efficiency, this "Smart Grid" will undergo technical, economic and regulatory changes to bring about the incorporation of renewable energy and incentivized demand side management & control.  As a result, the power grid will experience fundamental changes in its system structure and behavior that will consequently require enhanced control, automation, and IT-driven management.  While these requirements will open a plethora of market of opportunities for new control technologies, many of these solutions are largely overlapping in function.   Piece-meal initiatives & limited scope contracts could bring about costly-overbuilt solutions or even worse unintended reliability consequences.  This presentation, thus, motivates the need for methods of integrated assessment that manage the diversity of control solutions against their many competing objectives.  Furthermore, the concept of integrated enterprise control is proposed as an approach to operate the power grid reliability and economically.  The presentation concludes with a summary of relevant ongoing work at the Masdar Institute Laboratory for Intelligent Integrated Networks of Engineering Systems (LIINES).